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Exclusive Products

TT380 Slimline IUD

TT380 Slimline IUD

The TT380 Slimline features copper on the horizontal arms as well as the vertical stem, 380mm² copper, with easy-loading system and no capsule.

Copper T380 devices with additional bands of copper on the horizontal arms give the highest efficacy and longest life in the patient. That's why they are regarded as 'The Gold Standard' by the leading authorities and meet the NICE guidelines for LARC.


  • Introducer tube longer - suitable for longer uterine cavities (minimum uterine length 6.5cm)
  • Narrower introducer tube for even easier insertion
  • Horizontal arms increased in diameter for increased resistance to expulsion - no increase in length of arms for patient comfort
  • Shorter vertical stem for increased resistance to expulsion - width of stem unchanged for ease of insertion
  • Ten year life in the patient
  • Free sterile sound included for economy and convenience
  • Sterile sound in separate pouch from IUD
  • Renowned Easy Loading System retained for maximum ease of use
  • Introducer tube easy to separate from lower handle to make training easier

The Mini TT380 Slimline is also available for minimum uterine length of 5cm.


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