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Emmett Thread Retriever

Emmett Thread Retriever

The Intra Uterine Device (IUD) and the hormone-releasing Intra Uterine System (IUS) are the most commonly used contraceptives worldwide.

At any one time 7-9% of IUD/IUS users report that the threads of the device can no longer be felt at the top of the vagina. The reason for the “lost” threads may be due to a “silent” expulsion during menstruation; or displacement of the device in utero due to excessive uterine contractions. It can also be due to enlargement of the uterus due to pregnancy or a tumour; or rarely, translocation or migration through the uterine wall.

The Emmett IUD Thread Retriever is designed to retrieve the lost threads if they are within the endocervical canal or uterine cavity. The procedure is simple, painless, atraumatic – generally no analgesia or local anaesthesia is required - and can be carried out in a doctor’s surgery or clinic setting. This saves the patient time and inconvenience and may avoid the need for hysteroscopy.

The Emmett is sterile and 25cms long overall. The anterior, flexible portion of the instrument is 10cms x 3.5mm x 2mm, surmounted by a smooth, rounded top. Below this are six notches on either side at intervals of 1cm. Below the notched area the flexible part extends into a rigid, hexagonal handle of 15cms x 7mm.

The Retriever is composed of plastic and is anchored to a backing card, all sealed in a durable polythene sleeve, which is sterilised by Gamma irradiation.


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